Feisal Naqvi


Monsoon Frog is a successful attempt by me to waste yet more time not doing billable work. For those who don’t know me, my name is Feisal Naqvi and I am a Lahore-based lawyer. For those of you who really have no clue, Lahore is in Pakistan, which is that dangerous bit of the globe on the left of India.

  1. ILike@ Lahore is on the left of India…;)

  2. Liked your work, its unusual for an Advocate to come out with work like this but I think as we move forward, the Judicial activism will also bring more learned people to the profession.

  3. Enjoyed visiting your site and reading your views. Am a friend of
    Larry Glen’s and am from Calcutta.

  4. feisal sahib, you write very well.

  5. Damn, you’re good, man. No, but seriously, damn, you’re good, man.

  6. Feisal I’d like to get a few comments from you for a story I am doing. Can you send me your number or email please? I am a freelance journalist based in Karachi

  7. Participatory Democracy Cultural Initiative is a non profit association sustained by volunteers publishing a virtual bilingual magazine (English/Spanish) at ParticipatoryDemocracy.net. We read in the Express Tribune with much interest your outstanding article titled “The Betty Crocker Cake Mix Theory of Sustainable Democracy”. It would be a great honor for us and an interesting piece for our readers if you would authorize us to publish it. We can be an additional resonance box from our “Invited Columnists” section if you allow us to publish this writing there. Please, send us your authorization to camelot@democraciaparticipativa.net. Thank you!

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